The Deception Within

“The one word I would use to describe myself would be ‘passionate’. My passions are what consume my thoughts and drive my spirit. I hope to publish more books that will allow readers to experience new settings and tales with me. I thoroughly enjoy the process that makes each story a captivating, entertaining work of art. My only hope is that my stories provide others with a delightful and enjoyable experience.”

Luz was born and raised in the Philippines. She migrated to the USA in April 1981. She is blessed with three lovely children and eight beautiful grandchildren. She has traveled the world and holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce with a major in business administration and a minor in psychology, as well as a certificate in advanced baking from the Fontainebleau, a French culinary school. She currently divides her time between the incredible diversity and rich culture of the Big Apple on the East Coast and the breathtakingly scenic beauty and relaxing fun of the Valley of the Sun on the West Coast of the United States. Blessed with a flair for creative design, she was the previous co-owner of Precious and Few Floral Arrangements and the CEO and founder of Creative Artistry Photo Montage Videos, both based in Phoenix, Arizona. Fluent in two different languages, she is also very good in photography, video editing, and digital design.

THE DECEPTION WITHIN: A Loving Family Shattered is a true family saga of a once peaceful, loving, and harmonious family shattered by one sibling’s greed, manipulation, and deception.

Luz loves to travel, create one-of-a-kind photo montage videos, design beautiful floral arrangements, fix computers and all kinds of electronic gadgets.