A Loving Family Shattered

A True Story
By: Luz Reyes Luna

“Time is the key factor in a man’s journey towards wisdom. With the passing of time, he gains valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the world—experiences from both good and bad.”

“Silence in the face of injustice is akin to giving it our tacit approval and support. Don’t let others intimidate you into silence; speak your mind freely. The act of speaking the truth and standing up for what is right is a true mark of nobility.”

“People who would always tell us the truth and what we need to hear are the genuine ones. We must surround ourselves with these kinds of people.”

“We can all strive to leave behind a legacy of kindness, that will bring warmth and light to the world.”

“Today’s kindness leads to tomorrow’s rewards. Let your light shine for all.”

“Crossing the line is like a one-way ticket to a destination of no return. It’s important to be mindful of our boundaries and to avoid jeopardizing the trust we’ve earned.”

“Though justice may not be served in this life, those who have been wronged can take comfort that it will be served in the afterlife.”

“Truth can be elusive for those who refuse to see it. The moment you deny the obvious truth is when you lose yourself.”

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