Kindle Customer Paula

Dysfunctional Despair


As somebody who ‘divorced’ two out of three sisters, and then was inexplicably ‘divorced’ by the one with whom I thought I got on, I can identify with this story of a once-loving family turned dysfunctional in the extreme. The issues of my own family—where there was no money or property to be inherited—pale into insignificance however, when set against those of the family in the book. Given how the parents, Crispin and Remedios, dragged themselves up from humble beginnings, working hard to provide both spiritually and materially for their eight children, it’s difficult to imagine how it could have gone so wrong.

Author Luz Reyes Luna writes in a factual style, with brutal honesty and no attempt to embellish or sanitise this account of how her own family was torn apart by sibling greed and jealousy. It’s brave in the extreme of her to put herself out there, and I can only salute her efforts.